How To Choose A Functional Training Certification

A personal trainer is like a personal fitness expert who will help you achieve weight loss, maintain a slim and toned body and stay active. It is the best investment you can do to boost your physical health. The functional trainer knows how much exercise you can do and how much is good for your body, thus helping you stay fit.

Customized exercise plan

Every person is different and everyone has different fitness levels. A functional fitness trainer will be able to tailor a workout plan according to your fitness levels, age, weight loss goals and health. This ensures that you get the most out of the workout plan and you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Perth kettlebell Instructor CEC certifications may vary from provider to provider, check how many CEC’s each course is worth and how much the course is.

Specific health conditions

It is always advisable to have a fitness expert look over you if you have health issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis or any kind of injury. A trainer will develop a training program that will help you heal your injury and develop more stamina and immunity.

How much does a personal trainer make?

Good question, most UK salaries for personal trainers will be in the range of 20k – 35k depending on your experince and qualifications. I read a post on this Facebook page of a personal trainer making $500,000 per year, but this is very much on the high end.

Injury-free workout

A trainer keeps an eye on you when you are doing the exercises. Hence the chances of you doing the exercises incorrectly and hurting yourself are minimized. When you are working out on equipment, trainers keep a check on whether you are using the equipment correctly and doing the workouts right. This maximizes benefits you get from your workout sessions.

There are many functional training courses on the Fitness Australia website, looks for a CEC provider with a good rating and many positive reviews.

Continuous monitoring

A personal trainer continuously monitors your workouts and assesses your fitness levels. The trainer keeps a track of your progress and follows up to see if your workout goals have been achieved.

Challenge your body

A personal trainer is qualified and experienced enough to know what exercises and workouts will challenge your body. Trainers motivate you to push your limits and gain maximum output from your workouts.

Prevent plateaus

It is normal to reach a plateau phase during workouts. A trainer helps you face this situation by changing your exercises and giving you other activities that are as effective as your routine workouts.

Make workouts fun

Doing the same cardio, squats, stretches and aerobics becomes boring at times. A personal trainer will make workouts fun by including activities that you enjoy doing. They include an hour of fun activities like racing, jogging by the riverside, swimming or games like basketball and football in your workout.

Have an objective eye

A trainer has an objective eye and gives you a realistic picture of what you want to achieve and what you have achieved. They can also help you optimize an exercise session in order to target specific muscles.

Teach you new things

Personal trainers teach you new things and help you get use exercise equipment. They have a lot of experience and knowledge and can help you learn various other things about losing weight and maintaining a fit and active lifestyle.

A personal trainer will maximize the outputs you get from a training session, motivate you to achieve your fitness goals, adjust your workout program as per your fitness level and help you maintain an active and fit lifestyle.

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