Hire a personal trainer for best results!

A personal trainer who has proper fitness training certification can really strike the balance between being completely lazy and overenthusiastic. You would not reach your fitness goals if you are either too lazy or are overzealous.

While being lazy while exercising means that you will fall short of your goals, being overzealous can mean injuries to your body. You are not really expected to know your limits and the trainer is well equipped to point out where you should be stopping while working out.

A session on personal training will give you the idea of optimum exercise so that you can reach your fitness goals.

Let us take a look at how personal trainer from Dangerously Fit Boot Camp can help you exercise optimally.

The trainer is experienced: The trainer has trained many people before and will know of the limits that one should not cross, while exercising. The trainer has a detailed knowledge of the medical history of the participants in the training program and knows the exercises one can perform. The trainer will also give you phased regimens that will have plans of increasing exercising capacity gradually. The knowledge of human anatomy and individual medical conditions learned through their course gives the trainer the advantage of understanding individual limitations, when it comes to exercising.

The trainer knows the right moves: Doing exercises the right way is more important than doing exercises overzealously. This is where the personal trainer Malabar can really help.  The trainer is experienced and certified and knows exactly how to perform specific moves. The trainer will help you extract the maximum benefits out of each move.

The trainer will constantly monitor your progress: He will be closely watching as you perform the exercises. You can expect to receive constant inputs and suggestions on the techniques and methods, speed and intensity and the timing of the exercises you perform. As you keep exercising under the vigil of the trainer for an extended period of time, you will gradually get used to exercising in moderation and then increasing your capacity in a phased manner.

It is essential that the trainer possess requisite certifications and sufficient knowledge of human anatomy to understand the bodies of individual participants. You need to ask the right questions and satisfy yourself before you actually go on to enroll at the training program. It is your body and you must give yourself the best opportunity to improve your health.

How Do Personal Trainers Find Clients?

As a professional fitness trainer, it is usual for your business to stagnate at times when you just don’t seem to find enough clients. This is natural for any business; so don’t lose heart. Once you finish your personal trainer courses, a few simple steps can put your business on the right track and ensure you get clients.

However, do remember that getting new clients is continuous process so you would do well to turn these steps into a regular habit. Be sure to visit this Bondi Personal Trainer’s Website.

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Advertise yourself Well

It is not enough to just complete all your personal trainer courses. You must let the world know just how good you are at your job. In the business of fitness training, it is often the perception of skill and competence that matters more than your actual expertise and experience. So flaunt your certificates and qualifications well even if you are a newbie.

If you have done your courses from a premier institute; let people know about it. If you have installed the latest gadgets or giving discounts as a start-up; your neighbors and friends should be aware of it. Word spreads around this way and you will soon have people enquiring about your work.

Be Visible on the Social Media

The social media is big these days in terms of connecting with new people. And it’s a wonderful platform to show off your knowledge and project you as an expert. One of the best ways of leaving your mark on the online market is to start writing blogs on fitness and health. If you are a regular blogger and people love what you write, they will call you up for further guidance. Once you name spreads, many in the neighborhood will want to become your client since everybody wants to train under an expert.

However, remember not to make your blogs too complicated or technical. Remember you are trying to reach out to people who have not done personal trainer courses. They are looking to you for guidance and you should come across as somebody easily approachable and helpful.

Stay Connected with Influential People

Search out people in your neighborhood who are in continuous interaction with several people throughout the day. Try to build a good rapport with such people and you stand to gain several new clients.

Real estate agents are one such category of people who you can tap for clients. Maybe you can have a tie-up with them for a scheme that provides coupons for training at your gym if somebody books an apartment or so on.

The local coffee shop is another place to head to in your search for clients. Stay there regularly for sometime in your training uniform and people are sure to notice your profession. Build up a rapport with the barista; he or she is likely to ask you a lot of questions for themselves. Answer these candidly, continue to shell out advice and show you care about his/her health and the barista will definitely spread the word about how good you are.

You can also try out doctors who have a lot of patients looking for rehab or geriatric fitness training or people fighting with obesity. You may be interested in pilates in Bondi.

Do’s and Don’ts of Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebells have been around for ages as one of the most loved and respected workout equipment. Fitness enthusiasts swear by their effectiveness while newbies are forever eager to try them out.kettlebell

However, like every equipment used in workouts, there are certain techniques to use kettlebells correctly so as to derive maximum benefit. Incorrect approach can lead to injuries and disrupt your training schedule; so it’s always better to let your clients know the do’s and don’ts before beginning your kettlebell course training.

Do Start with the Appropriate Weight

Kettlebells have an impact even on the tiniest muscles which is why it is absolutely important that your clients start with the right weight.

A weight that is too light will fail to challenge your clients while a very heavy kettlebell can scare them away. Clients are also susceptible to injuries if they try to lift a very heavy kettlebell right from the beginning.

It is best to start with 8kg kettlebell for women and 12kg or 16kg kettlebell for men.

Do Teach the Fundamental Moves

Before moving on to more complicated kettlebell courses workouts, you should definitely teach your clients the fundamental moves. These basic kettlebell moves are used in different combinations to create advanced exercises and will form the foundation of your kettlebell workout sessions. Such moves include the kettlebell swing, the Turkish half getup and the squat with shoulder press.

These moves are by themselves good enough to give your clients an excellent workout since they will be engaging muscles from all over the body such as shoulders, arms, core area, abs, legs, glutes, hips and back muscles. If teaching is your passion, you may be interested in kettlebell instructor certifications.

Do Be Prepared to Sweat it Out

When done correctly with the right intensity, kettlebell workouts have the ability to leave your clients sweating and panting just minutes into the session. The going may be a tad slow at the beginning but as you progress, your clients should expect to do more explosive workouts that can be quite rigorous.

However, the will also burn maximum calorie and benefit from an excellent cardiovascular workout session with high afterburn effect. Do check out functional training courses for more information on kettlebell courses.

Don’t Confuse Kettlebells with Dumbbells

Kettlebells and dumbbells are completely different; each with its unique approach and application. This is one of the basic aspects taught at kettlebell courses. Dumbbells are lifted with a curling move whereas the range of movement for kettlebells is quite varied.

You can hold the kettlebell by its horn and swing it in different directions thereby improving your grip, range of motion and flexibility of wrist joint. In fact, many kettlebell workouts mimic everyday movements because of which such exercises are also considered a type of functional workout.

Don’t Overstrain Clients

While doing kettlebell workouts, it is common for people to overstep their physical limitations. The moves are extremely challenging and it’s extremely satisfying to see you clients enjoy each and every move.

However, always keep in mind the safety aspect. As a trainer, you should help clients reach their fitness goals safely. So always remember to take it slow in the beginning. Help clients master the different techniques and forms and then gradually introduce newer challenges.